Your phone just got an upgrade.

Your home phone. Dedicated fiber internet. Valley Fiber TV.
Get them all in our new bundles!

Dedicated Internet

Get your own dedicated fiber line, included with all of our phone plans. GUARANTEED speeds.

Crystal-Clear Home Phone

No more hassles, just a phone that works and sounds great. Use one you already own or get a new one, up to you!

No smart TV? No Problem!

Bundle your home phone with Valley Fiber TV and enjoy your favorite apps with our Google Certified Set-Top Box.


Now You're Always Home

With high-tech features like advanced call-routing, you can answer your home phone or make calls from it anywhere. Call like you’re always home, even when you’re on vacation.


Keep Your Lucky Number

We’ll port your number over for you or get you a new phone number if you’d like! Keep that local area code, but without the long-distance fees.

24/7 Technical Support

Our local technical support team is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Bundle & Save

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling, Voicemail, and Call Display

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